Selection Procedure

The workshop proposes an innovative paper selection process based on an interactive discussion amongst authors and PC members. We are confident that an interactive selection phase could considerably improve the quality of the papers, the reviews and the discussion during the workshop.

After the submission deadline expires, each PC member will select a number of suitable papers to review before the start of the discussion phase. Each paper will have at least three anonymous reviewers.

At the beginning of the discussion, each submitted paper will be published on a Wiki and associated with a discussion forum. The access to the forum will be restricted to the authors of the associated paper and to all the PC members. The latter will be able to anonymously post comments/questions which the authors will reply to. Authors will obviously have access only to forums associated with their own papers.

The Wiki enables any PC member to participate in any forum provided that (s)he has not declared any conflict with the paper associated with the forum. Thus, the discussion on forums (and hence the reviewing process of papers) may be enhanced by the additional comments of interested PC members.

At the end of the discussion, the program committee will select papers by considering not only the comments of the referees, but the whole discussion.

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